Plinko Review

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In these casinos you can play this game.

100% Hasta 250€ Utilizando los 2 bonos

100% Hasta 350€ y hasta 100 Free spins

100% Hasta 350€ + 100 Free Spins Utilizando los 2 bonos

100% Hasta 350€ +15 Free Bets Utilizando los 2 bonos

50 % hasta 5000 y 60 giros gratis

100% Hasta 200€ y 100 Giros Gratis

100% Hasta 200€ y 100 Giros Gratis

100% Hasta 100$

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Plinko (Bgaming) Game Explained

The game of plinko has been known for decades. On television a long time ago you could see a program where they threw a disc to fall hitting between all the sticks, in a number that represented the prize.

In many fairs this type of games is still seen, since they are quite random and make the bank win more than the player. But there is always a touch of luck. In this case, being online, everything is mathematically controlled and has an RTP of 99%.

Now the game is made in the form of a slot, represented in various online casinos.

As you can see below the maximum bet is 150 XRP since we play in Cryptos and the maximum prize is x1000.

But this can be adjusted to your liking. The easier it is, the lower the multipliers will be.

You can regulate the lines apart from the risk level of easy, normal and difficult. And you will see how all the multipliers change. And then you can also change the price of each ball.

There is also an autoplay feature available that allows you to select between 10 and 1,000 game rounds. Once the ball touches the end where the multipliers are, the player will be awarded the corresponding payment of the bet per ball made.

Game review by SkrewYou


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