Nitropolis 3 Review

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Nitropolis 3 – Slots Explained

In 2020, Elk Studios released Nitropolis, which has been a talking point since the beginning. Offering the most ways to win we’ve ever seen, coupled with great graphics and a top-notch soundtrack, many gamers fell in love with Nitropolis, anticipating Nitropolis 2’s release in 2021. Now it’s time to complete the trio of Nitropolis 3, the team’s latest release. With an RTP of 95.0% and bonuses of up to 50,000 times your stake, let’s take a closer look at this highly volatile version (7/10).

Visually, things are exactly what you’d expect from a team: dynamic and sharp, with a high level of skill. We’re on the boardwalk, with toxic waste to the right and metal cages around the reels, so it’s not exactly what you’d expect, but it all makes for a fantastic image that grabs your attention almost immediately.

The audio is great, very, very good. Cheerful and unforgettable, with the sounds of dogs and cats scattered in the distance. Overall, this is exactly what you want from Nitropolis 3.

Features specifications

Nitropolis 3 has 6 reels, starting with 4 rows of symbols. Win by matching at least 3 symbols on adjacent reels, starting with the leftmost reel for 4,096 ways to win. Of course, if you’ve played the first two in the series, you’ll know that this is just a starting point: sometimes wins are paid in both directions, and additional rows are added along the spin for the number of ways. Earn millions.

Nitropolis 3

Wild symbols and all regular paying symbols come in four sizes: Standard 1×1, Super 2×2, Mega 3×3 and Epic 4×4. All large symbols count as the number of smaller symbols that make them up, which means that a 2×2 symbol counts as 4 regular 1×1 symbols.

The starting point is the Avalanche feature – all symbols involved in a winning combination will be removed from the reels, allowing new symbols to appear in their place. At the same time, an additional row of symbols is added to the top, forming an additional win, and this continues until no more wins are formed. Lines can grow up to 8 lines, and if there are Nitro Reels (more on that below), they are not removed, only the symbols shown inside are changed.

Next up is Nitro Reels, which help increase ways to earn. Small Nitro Reel always covers two symbol spots and contains 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 of the same 1×1 paying symbols. These may contain Super Bonus Scatter symbols, but this will only count as one Scatter. The Big Nitro Reel always covers six symbol spaces and contains 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 of the same 2×2 paying symbols.

The empty space below the Big Symbol or Big Nitro Reels is filled with 1×1 symbols of the same type as the Big Symbol for a constant horizontal rest.

There are 3 different Nitro features that can affect Nitro reels:

These features are activated after all symbols have appeared, but before a payout.

Nitro Feature symbols can be flipped to reveal regular Wild symbols after performing their initial function. If this happens and the wild contributes to the win, the Nitro feature symbol will revert to the Nitro feature symbol.

Other special symbols available on the reels are:

Nitropolis 3 Free Spins

Land 3, 4, 5 or 6 scatter symbols to trigger 8, 12, 16 or 20 free spins in a row. The free spins start with 4096 ways to win, and each time an avalanche occurs during a spin, an additional streak is added to the height; This helps to calculate a new security level, which means that the size of the reel will not decrease during the free spins period. The security upgrade takes place after payment and the next round starts from that point. Each turn can raise the cylinder to its maximum height through the avalanche, but the security level can only increase one level per turn. Security level can increase up to 4 rows high, up to 8 rows high.

During the free spins, Nitro Reels glitches. At the end of each spin, all Nitro Scrolls will land at the end of the reels, on top of those already in place. Dropping 3 distraction points during the free spins will reset the bonus round.

If at least one Super Bonus Scatter code is used to start Free Spins, a Super Bonus is awarded. This is very similar to the regular bonus with two notable differences: the reels start with a height of 8 symbols for the maximum height available, and the «Binary Payout» is always active. Super rewards can also be reactivated.

The maximum win available in Nitropolis 3 is 50,000 times wagered. If the game or spin exceeds this value, the game or spin will end and a 50,000x bet will be awarded.

Players from specialized regions can take advantage of several X-iter™ options:

Buscando apuestas dobles: aumenta las posibilidades de un bono (más del doble).
Big Nitro Reel for 10 bets – a spin is guaranteed with the Big Nitro Reel. Nitro Combination / Both ways to bet 25x: 1 round in any direction and guaranteed Nitro match.

Buy a 100x bet bonus: buy a normal bonus round. 500x Super Bonus: Buying a Super Round Bonus.

Final verdict by VideoSlotsTV

Nitropolis 3 is as fun as it sounds – there are loads of special features and icons available to keep you going. During the bonus round, things go to the next level, especially with the security level, sticky nitro reels, and two-way payouts in the case of higher bonuses. With all these features combined, it’s easy to get started, and when things really go well, it’s easy to see how big a 50,000x bet can be in the multiplayer version. This change (7/10).

What are you waiting for? Play Nitropolis 3 slots online now!

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