Crazy Coin Flip Live Review

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Crazy Coin Flip Live – Game Show Explained

A combination of world class RNG slots and a great live gaming experience – Crazy Coin Flip gives you the best of both worlds like never before! Qualify for the Coin Flip bonus round and get a chance to turn your accumulated multipliers into even bigger multiplier payouts. But this bonus round is different from the others: you will go from elegant slots action to an exciting live gaming experience. This innovative game consists of three stages of play: leaderboard slots, reload slots where every second counts, and coin-operated live bonus rounds for guaranteed entertainment. Crazy Coin Flip is sure to be a hit with slots and live casino players!

Crazy Coin Flip – How to play

The purpose of the game is to qualify for the live bonus game by collecting three scatter symbols during the qualifying stage. You will have the opportunity to increase your multiplier during the reload phase before entering the live bonus game.

Qualifying phase

To qualify for the Live Coins Bonus Round, you must land three scatter symbols in a single spin on the 5-Reel, 3-Row Slot Machine. Some scatter symbols have multipliers. After qualifying, the multipliers of all scatter symbols are added together. This value is used to increase the multiplier during the coin flip bonus round. Introduced a «Turbo» button for players who prefer faster games, allowing you to toggle between «Normal» and «Turbo» speed modes to speed up the slot machine’s spin animation to reduce spin times.

Spin modes

Ranked slots have three spin modes: normal spins, XXXtreme spins and Super XXXtreme spins. The bet selected in normal spin mode becomes your base bet and is used to calculate your winnings. To help you qualify faster, you can activate either of the two XXXtreme spin modes. With the XXXtreme spins mode, you are guaranteed a scatter symbol on every spin for five times your base bet. The Super XXXtreme spins mode costs 50x your base bet, but guarantees two scatters per spin. XXXtreme spins also offer more frequent multipliers.

Recharge phase

After qualifying, you can record the recharge phase where you can increase your multiplier. This stage features a three-round, three-row slot machine with red and blue coin symbols, each with a multiplier value. If you want to increase the value of the multiplier, you can choose to increase your reload bet amount. You win the multiplier by matching three coin symbols of the same color in the middle row. The winning multiplier values are added together and added to the total reload multiplier for the color of the winning coin, red or blue. Once the time runs out, you will be transferred to the Live Coin Flip bonus round.

Bonus round with coin

Coin toss bonus rounds with live game hosts generate multipliers on both sides of the coin. These multipliers will contribute to your total winnings and are common to all players. After receiving the coin flip bonus round multiplier, all multipliers (scatter multiplier, reload multiplier and coin flip multiplier) will be calculated together and displayed on the blue and red sides of the coin respectively . The console will then pull the lever to flip the coin. The face up side of the coin is considered the result of the coin toss bonus round and will be paid out based on the multiplier on the winning side of the coin.

Final verdict by VideoSlotsTV

Knowing how popular the original Crazy Time game is, which included this simpler game, we’ll know that this fresher revamp could be a lot of fun to play with a chance to win some pretty big prizes. We hope you like it as much as we do.

What are you waiting for? Play Game Show Crazy Coin Flip Live online now!

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